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## 調整系統語言
- Search "Language" in search box(left of top).
- Click "grid tOggle" in top of toolbar.
- Click "Customize" in top of toolbar and change the table's field order.
- Cancel Spanish and Click zh_TW in (Login Locale, System Language).
- Click on zh_TW and Click on "grid tOggle", Click on "Language Maintenance" and select "Add Missing Translations" then [OK].
- Search "Translation Import/Export" in search box.
- Select "Chinese (Taiwan)" in Language field, don't select other fields.
- Click on "Import" and select "zh_TW_System" in "idempiere-language-zh_tw" directory, [OK].
- Wait around 6 minutes.
- Search "Synchronize Terminology" in search box then [OK]
- Logout and change language
- 在上方的搜尋框中輸入 "Language"
- 按下中間的 "grid tOggle" 切換清單模式
- 按下中間的 "Customize" 來調整要顯示的欄位,或是填整欄位的順序
- 取消 Spanish(西班牙) 語系的 "Login Locale" 與 "System Language"
- 找到 zh_TW 繁體中文,打勾 "Login Locale" 與 "System Language"
- 選擇 zh_TW 然後按下中間的 "grid tOggle" 切換成表單模式,然後按下表單中的 "Language Maintence" 按鈕,再選擇 "Add Missing Translation",這個步驟是設定未翻譯的部份用英文補足,按下 [OK] 即可
## 匯入翻譯檔
- 請在上方搜尋框中輸入 "Translation Import/Export"
- 選擇 Language 欄位,設定成 "Chinese (Taiwan)"
- 按下 "Import" 來匯入翻譯檔
- 請選擇 "idempiere-language-zh_tw" 資料夾內的 "zh_TW_System",然後按下 [OK]
- 需等待大約 6 分鐘的等待時間。
## 同步系統字詞
- 在上方搜尋框中輸入 "Synchronize Terminology",按下 [OK]
- 重新登入系統。
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