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Troubleshoot missing gitaly config.toml file

parent 4538e047
......@@ -627,6 +627,19 @@ a `gdk reconfigure`:
For more information about Jaeger, visit the [distributed tracing GitLab developer
## Gitaly config.toml: no such file or directory
If you see errors such as:
`07:23:16 gitaly.1 | time="2019-05-17T07:23:16-05:00" level=fatal msg="load config" config_path=<path-to-gdk>/gitaly/config.toml error="open <path-to-gdk>/gitaly/config.toml: no such file or directory"`
Somehow, `gitaly/config.toml` is missing. You can re-create this file by running
the following in your gdk directory:
make gitaly-setup
## Other problems
Please open an issue on the [GDK issue tracker](
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