1. 29 Apr, 2022 7 commits
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      recursively propagate changes · 72d46657
      Justus Winter authored
      We now publish mutual certifications.  Consider Alice certifies Bob,
      and Bob certifies Alice.  When Alice uploads her cert, Bob's
      certifications are not published because we don't know that the
      certification is mutual because we haven't seen Bob's cert yet.  When
      Bob uploads his cert, we now see that the certifications are mutual,
      and can immediately publish Alice's certifications on Bob's cert.
      However, we also need to update Alice's cert to now include Bob's
      certification.  This patch implements that by propagating changes up
      to a certain depth (currently 1).  We release the database lock as not
      to starve other requests.
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      add note · 22865a98
      Justus Winter authored
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      serve certifications made by openpgp-ca.org · 5d11f503
      Justus Winter authored
      This change enables certifications made by openpgp-ca to be served.
      In addition, tsigs issued by the signees are served based on the
      mutual certification principle.  This makes Hagrid support all the
      workflows enabled by openpgp-ca.
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      serve mutual certifications · a474d38c
      Justus Winter authored
      If Alice certifies Bob, and Bob certifies Alice, take that as consent
      for the certifications.  Also, only serve the N most recent
      certification signature.  In combination, this prevents certificate
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      make tpk_clean consume the cert · 2bd5e484
      Justus Winter authored
      This makes sure that the uncleaned cert is not used by the caller by
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