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Draft: SBC/SoM categorization

Raffaele requested to merge wip-sbc-type into master

So far it's as follows:

  • SBC: full-sized SBC
  • SoM: module with pin headers
  • Pill: as in STM32 "bluepill" and "blackpill", I use this to denote thin, small, light and extremely minimal (usually breadboard-friendly) boards with no ports outside microUSB or microSD (or some flat e.g. camera headers). For example, ESP32, Linkit Duo and Pi Zero would seem to belong here

We need:

  • a clear distinction or other name between pills, SBCs and SoMs
  • maybe a different category for "hybrid" SBCs such as the Framework mainboard, which do not expose much outside from USB ports and are usable both as SBCs and as components of other systems
  • to deprecate the Intel TV stick because it's not a sbc and doesn't belong here anymore

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