Commit 181d82d2 authored by Joris's avatar Joris

Add qutebrowser shortcut in i3

parent 800026da
......@@ -130,10 +130,11 @@ bindsym $mod+q mode $mode_system
# bindsym $mod+e mode "resize"
bindsym $mod+l mode "light"
set $mode_application "(t)erm (f)irefox (g)imp (r)anger (m)ail (p)layer (c)apture (u)pdate (d)ownload (s)wap"
set $mode_application "(t)erm (f)irefox (q)utebrowser (g)imp (r)anger (m)ail (p)layer (c)apture (u)pdate (d)ownload (s)wap"
mode $mode_application {
bindsym t exec --no-startup-id $term; mode "default"
bindsym f exec --no-startup-id firefox; mode "default"
bindsym q exec --no-startup-id qutebrowser; mode "default"
bindsym g exec --no-startup-id gimp; mode "default"
bindsym r exec --no-startup-id $term -e zsh -c ranger; mode "default"
bindsym m exec --no-startup-id "~/.bin/my-offlineimap --feedback"; exec --no-startup-id $term -e zsh -c mutt; mode "default"
# Keybindings
## Scroll
config.bind('c', 'repeat 4 scroll left')
config.bind('C', 'back')
config.bind('t', 'repeat 4 scroll down')
......@@ -9,25 +10,35 @@ config.bind('R', 'forward')
config.bind('é', 'scroll-page 0 -1')
config.bind('è', 'scroll-page 0 1')
## Tab
config.bind('i', 'tab-prev')
config.bind('I', 'tab-move -')
config.bind('e', 'tab-next')
config.bind('E', 'tab-move +')
## Other
config.bind('h', 'reload')
config.bind('à', 'hint all tab')
config.bind('j', 'set-cmd-text -s :open -t')
config.bind('gi', 'enter-mode insert')
## Yank / copy
config.bind('y', 'yank -s')
config.bind('p', 'open -- {primary}')
config.bind('P', 'open -t -- {primary}')
# Options
c.auto_save.session = True = '#F07E00'
c.colors.hints.fg = 'white'
c.colors.hints.match.fg = '#555555'
c.confirm_quit = [ 'multiple-tabs', 'downloads' ]
c.content.geolocation = False
c.content.private_browsing = True
c.editor.command = ["urxvt", "-e", "nvim", "{}"]
c.hints.border = '1px solid #F07E00'
c.fonts.hints = 'bold 8pt monospace'
c.hints.chars = 'etisuran' = True
c.tabs.background = True
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