Commit 079b84ac authored by Joris's avatar Joris


parent db18376f
......@@ -134,7 +134,7 @@ mode $mode_application {
bindsym q exec --no-startup-id qutebrowser; mode "default"
bindsym g exec --no-startup-id gimp; mode "default"
bindsym r exec --no-startup-id $term ranger; mode "default"
bindsym m exec --no-startup-id offlineimap; exec --no-startup-id $term -e $shell -c mutt; mode "default"
bindsym m exec --no-startup-id offlineimap; exec --no-startup-id $term neomutt; mode "default"
bindsym p exec gmpc; mode "default"
# Volume control
mailboxes "+perso/Drafts" "+perso/INBOX" "+perso/Sent" "+perso/Trash"
......@@ -23,6 +23,7 @@ bind pager t next-line
bind pager s previous-line
bind index,pager,attach é previous-page
bind index,pager,attach è next-page
bind index,pager,attach g noop
bind index,attach gg first-entry
bind pager gg top
bind index,attach G last-entry
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