numbers numbers numbers, no visibeble failures in vanilla test suite

parent c6daae9b
......@@ -247,7 +247,19 @@
(<code> (error "Bug in prolog flag 'unknown' implementation"))))))))
(<define> (<iss> x y) (<r=> x y))
(<define> (<iss> x y)
(<let> ((x (<lookup> x)))
(if (number? x)
(if (number? x)
(if (inexact? x)
(if (inexact? y)
(when (my-equal? x y))
(if (inexact? y)
(when (eqv? x y))))
(<r=> x y))
(<r=> x y))))
(define-syntax-rule (mk-prolog-abstract tp op fk-name tr-name)
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