Added test file

parent a5f40877
(use-modules (logic guile-log))
(use-modules (logic guile-log umatch))
(<define> (f)
(<values> (i x) (<abort> 'tag (<lambda> (i x) (<cc> i x))))
(<pp> (gp-handlers-ref))
(<or> (<=> x i) (<=> x ,(+ i i)))
(<or> (<=> x ,(- i)) (<=> x ,(- (+ i i))))))
(<define> (test x y)
(<prompt> 'tag #f f
(<lambda> (tag next kk)
(<let> ((k (kk)))
(<zip> (x (k 1 x))
(y (k 10 y)))))))
(<run> 10 (x y) (test x y))
\ No newline at end of file
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