many things work quite okey

parent 41125e8a
......@@ -20,22 +20,24 @@
(se #f) ...
(p P)
(cc CC))
(<code> (gp-combine-engines data))
(<let*> ((s frame)
(ccc (lambda (ss pp)
(gp-combine-engines data)
(cc (gp-combine-state
s (list se ...))
(<with-s> s
(<pit> s p ccc
(<with-fail> p
(<with-s> (gp-push-engine frame engine)
(<with-s> (gp-push-engine frame engine)
(<code> (gp-combine-push data))
(<code> (gp-var-set v (gp-peek-engine) S))
code ...
(<code> (set! se S))
(<code> (gp-pop-engine))))))
(<code> (gp-combine-engines data))
(<with-s> (gp-combine-state s (list se ...))
(<with-fail> p <cc>))))))
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