fix a small bug in =..

parent abfce634
......@@ -316,7 +316,7 @@ floor(x) (floor x)
(<let> ((x (<lookup> x))
(y (<scm> y)))
((or (number? x))
((or (number? x) (null? x))
(<=> (x) y))
((vector? x)
......@@ -351,10 +351,11 @@ floor(x) (floor x)
((list? y)
(<match> (#:mode -) (y)
((f . l)
(<let> ((f (<lookup> f)))
((procedure? f)
(<=> x ,(cons f l)))
(<=> x ,(vector (cons f l))))
((string? f)
(<let> ((g (module-ref (currrent-module) (string->symbol f))))
......@@ -375,9 +376,10 @@ floor(x) (floor x)
(type_error atom f)))))
(type_error atom f))))))
(type_error list y))))
(type_error list y)))))
((pair? y)
(<recur> lp ((z y))
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