fix of cleaned file

parent 765fc42e
......@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@ This is a draft for guile-2.0.6 and later and works for linux.
You need to have guile-syntax-parse installed into the system
You need autotools, texinfo, gcc, make, guile >= 2.0
Either do a system install:
......@@ -28,8 +29,6 @@ Or using the kanren interface
> (use-modules (logic guile-log kanren))
Html Docs: point a browser at doc/guile-log/index.html
Or iso-prolog,
> (use-modules (logic guile-log iso-prolog))
......@@ -138,48 +138,11 @@
(cdr x)
(values #f #f #f)))
(if (and #f (module-defined? (current-module) 'the-c-closure-tag))
(definek gp-c-system #t)
(let ((tag (the-c-closure-tag)))
(set-car! tag 'c)
(set-cdr! tag 'tag)
(gp-set-closure-tag tag))
(definek api (gp-make-log-api))
(define3 gp-unify! (cdr (assq 'gp-unify! api)))
(define3 gp-unify-raw! (cdr (assq 'gp-unify-raw! api)))
(define3 gp-m-unify (cdr (assq 'gp-m-unify api)))
(definek -gp-member (cdr (assq 'gp-member api)))
(definek -gp-right-of (cdr (assq 'gp-right api)))
(definek -next-to (cdr (assq 'gp-next-to api)))
(define1 gp-jumpframe-start
(cdr (assq 'gp-jumpframe-start api)))
(define1 gp-jumpframe-end
(cdr (assq 'gp-jumpframe-end api)))
(define1 gp-unwind (cdr (assq 'gp-unwind api)))
(define1 gp-newframe (cdr (assq 'gp-newframe api)))
(define1 gp-var! (cdr (assq 'gp-var! api)))
(define2 gp-lookup (cdr (assq 'gp-lookup api)))
(define2 gp-pair!? (cdr (assq 'gp-pair!? api)))
(define2 gp-pair? (cdr (assq 'gp-pair? api)))
(define2 gp-null!? (cdr (assq 'gp-null!? api)))
(define2 gp-null? (cdr (assq 'gp-null? api)))
(define2 gp-car (cdr (assq 'gp-car api)))
(define2 gp-cdr (cdr (assq 'gp-cdr api)))
(define2 gp->scm (cdr (assq 'gp->scm api)))
(define2 gp-pair* (cdr (assq 'gp-pair* api)))
(define2 gp-pair- (cdr (assq 'gp-pair- api)))
(define2 gp-pair+ (cdr (assq 'gp-pair+ api))))
(definek gp-c-system #f)
(definek -gp-member #f)
(definek -gp-right-of #f)
(definek -next-to #f)))
(definek gp-c-system #f)
(definek -gp-member #f)
(definek -gp-right-of #f)
(definek -next-to #f)
(define -einstein #f)
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