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The documentation is currently a work in progress, so please read the
source and have a look at the [libgit2 API](
## Installation
Guile-Git uses GNU autotools to create the build and installation
scripts. The default install location is in `/usr/local`. From a
release tarball you can run:
sudo make install
This will install Guile-Git with the prefix `/usr/local/`. This
might not be the default load path for your GNU Guile. You may choose
to change the prefix to your GNU Guile's location with `./configure
--prefix=/usr` or add `/usr/local/` to GNU Guile's load path in your
`.profile` or `.bash_profile` like this (replacing 2.2 with your GNU
Guile major version):
export GUILE_LOAD_PATH="/usr/local/share/guile/site/2.2${GUILE_LOAD_PATH:+:}$GUILE_LOAD_PATH"
## How to contribute
The easiest way to start hacking on guile-git is to install
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