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NEWS: Add info for 0.4.0.

* NEWS (Changes in 0.4.0): New section.
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notice and this notice are preserved. This file is offered as-is,
without any warranty.
* Changes in 0.4.0 (since 0.3.0)
** New Functionality
*** Support for HTTP and HTTPS proxies
One can now specify the HTTP and HTTPS via the ~#:proxy-url~ parameter
of ~make-fetch-options~. Those fetch options must then be passed to
~fetch~, or they can be added to the clone options passed to ~clone~.
*** Support for progress report
Clones and fetches can take some time and you may want to tell users
what’s going on. To help with that, ~make-fetch-options~ now takes a
~#:transfer-progress~ option; it should be either ~#f~ or a one-argument
procedure that will be called with an ~<indexer-progress>~ record every
time progress is made. This record contains information about the total
number of objects being processed, the number of objects already
retrieved, and the number of objects already indexed.
** Bug Fixes
*** Fix typo that made ~repository-index~ and ~repository-refdb~ unusable
* Changes in 0.3.0 (since 0.2.0)
** New Functionality
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