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structs: Register weak references from submodule options, to fetch, to callback.

Fixes <>.
Reported by Maxim Cournoyer <>.

* git/structs.scm (fetch-options-remote-callbacks): Cache result in a
weak-key hash table.
(%weak-references): New variable.
(set-remote-callbacks-transfer-progress!): Register weak reference from
(set-submodule-update-options-fetch-options!): Register weak reference
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......@@ -718,9 +718,21 @@ tag policy in FETCH-OPTIONS."
(symbol->remote-autotag-option policy)))
(define (fetch-options-remote-callbacks fetch-options)
(bytestructure-ref (fetch-options-bytestructure fetch-options) 'callbacks)))
(define fetch-options-remote-callbacks
(let ((cache (make-weak-key-hash-table 20)))
(lambda (fetch-options)
"Return the <remote-callbacks> associated with FETCH-OPTIONS."
;; This cache ensures that the <remote-callbacks> record remains live
;; as long as FETCH-OPTIONS is live, which in turn allows
;; 'set-remote-callbacks-transfer-progress!' to have a similar
;; lifecycle hash table.
(or (hashq-ref cache fetch-options)
(let ((callbacks
(bytestructure-ref (fetch-options-bytestructure fetch-options)
(hashq-set! cache fetch-options callbacks)
(define (set-remote-callbacks-credentials! callbacks credentials)
(bytestructure-set! (remote-callbacks-bytestructure callbacks)
......@@ -741,15 +753,24 @@ tag policy in FETCH-OPTIONS."
'(* *)))
(define %weak-references
;; Weak references: values in this table must be kept live as long as their
;; key is live.
(make-weak-key-hash-table 100))
(define (set-remote-callbacks-transfer-progress! callbacks proc)
"Set PROC as a transfer-progress callback in CALLBACKS. PROC will be
called periodically as data if fetched from the remote, with one argument: an
indexer progress record. PROC can cancel the on-going transfer by returning
(bytestructure-set! (remote-callbacks-bytestructure callbacks)
(procedure->indexer-progress-callback proc))))
(let ((ptr (procedure->indexer-progress-callback proc)))
;; Make sure the pointer object remains live for as long as CALLBACKS;
;; otherwise the underlying libffi closure could be finalized too early.
(hashq-set! %weak-references callbacks ptr)
(bytestructure-set! (remote-callbacks-bytestructure callbacks)
(pointer-address ptr))))
(define (fetch-options-proxy-options fetch-options)
"Return the <proxy-options> record associated with FETCH-OPTIONS."
......@@ -842,7 +863,12 @@ indexer progress record. PROC can cancel the on-going transfer by returning
(let ((bs (submodule-update-options-bytestructure submodule-update-options))
(fetch-options-bs (fetch-options-bytestructure fetch-options)))
(bytestructure-set! bs 'fetch-options
(bytestructure-bytevector fetch-options-bs))))
(bytestructure-bytevector fetch-options-bs))
;; FETCH-OPTIONS might contain things like pointers coming from
;; 'procedure->pointer' (callbacks), which should be protected from GC as
;; long as SUBMODULE-UPDATE-OPTIONS is live.
(hashq-set! %weak-references submodule-update-options fetch-options)))
;; git remote head
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