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matrix 3pid problem

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......@@ -773,3 +773,5 @@ Given that we have to reverse engineer everything all the time, we just know wer
As for promoting Riot, my personal opinion is that it just promotes a closed protocol/ecosystem as Riot is actually not Matrix compatible and very bad in terms of privacy. One of the worse horror story is that everytime you switch to a room, a HTTP call is made to with a token directly used to retrieve your Matrix ID. They can know exactly when you do something, your Matrix ID, etc. This can also be hijacked by a third-party potentially as there is no safeguard in place to prompt the user about sharing their personal info (All this done via the /openid endpoints).
This is the kind of thing that shows me there is no path forward in Matrix as the ecosystem is simply dominated by Riot and Synapse which do not follow the spec themselves and block any implementation that stick to the spec to actually be able to do anything. So you are force to implement the custom ways of Riot and synapse (whatever you build) which prevents from solving the security issues even if you wanted to.
3pid problem
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