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add polycentrism

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information about how to implement a commons system (except digital commons)
- [polycentrism](
# Polycentrism
A political or cultural system which contains many different centres, especially centres of authority or control ->
"Her proposal was that of a polycentric approach, where key management decisions should be made as close to the scene of events and the actors involved as possible" ->
- Do we really want to consolidate urban police forces? A reappraisal of some old assertions. Elinor Ostrom et al.
- Beyond Markets and States: Polycentric Governance of Complex Economic Systems. Elinor Ostrom et al.
- Polycentricity: From Polanyi to Ostrom, and Beyond. PAUL D. ALIGICA and VLAD TARKO
- [Polycentricity and Local Public Economies](
- Polycentric Systems of Governance: A Theoretical Model for the Commons. Keith Carlisle, Rebecca L. Gruby
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