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......@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ right now we only can "neutralize" router when it can behave just as a [ONT](htt
- **orange**: vlan 1074 with a simple DHCP (tested). The *Livebox Fibra* you receive can be configured as an ONT (so you can manage the IP address with your own neutral router). Alternatively, in the WebGUI of *Livebox Fibra* they give the ONT password you can introduce in the neutral ONT
- Someone with ONT ZTE F601 said that it worked. You can probably follow this guide (spanish):
- extra src
- **pepephone**: vlan 20 with a simple DHCP (tested). They use ZTE F680, this router is not working in bridge mode. To access administrator: login as admin/admin; If you already connected to Internet press reset button for 30 seconds and login as admin/admin. Replacing it with a Huawei HG8240 worked (ONT from old movistar installation; [how to access]( - telecomadmin/admintelecom [Method to get current data](
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