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rt: templates in catalan and refactor resetpwd err

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......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ Based on the debian experience. Debian uses 3 types of bug tracking systems: (1)
- [Notify AdminCc when ticket arrives to your queue](#notify-admincc-when-ticket-arrives-to-your-queue)
- [Autodispatcher to specific queue](#autodispatcher-to-specific-queue)
- [Change status (lifecycles)](#change-status-lifecycles)
- [Autoreply in catalan](#autoreply-in-catalan)
- [Templates in catalan](#templates-in-catalan)
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......@@ -89,9 +89,9 @@ Configure RT-Shredder (ready to delete things) after that you can access it thro
## Problems and details about ResetPassword
I reached this error
I reached this error in `/var/log/request-tracker4/rt.log`
> request tracker Couldn't load template 'PasswordReset' (/usr/local/share/request-tracker4/plugins/RT-Extension-ResetPassword/html/NoAuth/ResetPassword/Request.html:90)
> Couldn't load template 'PasswordReset' (/usr/local/share/request-tracker4/plugins/RT-Extension-ResetPassword/html/NoAuth/ResetPassword/Request.html:90)
if we inspect Templates in the web interface (, it is not there the *PasswordReset: Send user an password reset token*. It could probably work just adding it, but I tried to do it in another way, using the `make initdb` (that it is just a command that looks like just adds the template). To do that I hit an error that assumed that the database admin was postgres in a mysql database (?)
......@@ -167,33 +167,9 @@ if (
## Autoreply in catalan
## Templates in catalan
Autoreply - Plain text Autoresponse template:
Subject: Autoresposta: {$Ticket->Subject}
Aquesta és una resposta automàtica generada en resposta a la teva petició que has enviat titulada:
un resum del contingut del missatge es troba a baix.
No necessites respondre a aquest missatge de moment. El teu ticket se li ha assingat el següent identificador: { $Ticket->SubjectTag }.
En cas que vulguis respondre, respon a aquest correu i/o següents i incorpora el següent títol a l'email en totes les futures comunicacions relacionades amb aquest ticket:
{ $Ticket->SubjectTag }
(using just the templates that are enabled by default)
Autoreply in HTML - HTML Autoresponse template:
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