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Academic articles:
- [Network infrastructures the commons model for local participation, governance and sustainability. Leandro Navarro]( Ostrom distinguishes between (1) *resource system* to preserve and nurture and (2) *extractable resource* the thing that must be shared (and that can be sold as a service, for example connectivity). About the access, she talks about *bundle of rights*:
- Access: The right to enter and connect to the network (contribute resources, link up).
- Withdrawal: The right to *extract resources* from the system (obtain connectivity).
- Management: The right to regulate usage and make improvements.
- Exclusion: The right to determine who will have access and how this right can be transferred.
- Alienation: The right to sell a portion of the resource (e.g. by professional participants selling connectivity to their customers).
- Property-rights regimes and natural resources: A conceptual analysis. Edella Schlager and Elinor Ostrom
- How types of goods and property pights jointly affect collective action. Elinor Ostrom
- Private and common property rights. Elinor Ostrom
- [Ostrom's Law: Property rights in the commons. Lee Anne Fennell](
Articles on the web:
- [The Commons – A Historical Concept of Property Rights](
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