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......@@ -52,65 +52,15 @@ Habilitem el servei en el sistema operatiu:
./accel-ppp/build# systemctl enable accel-ppp
## Configuració
# installation
Situem l'arxiu `accel-ppp.conf` a `/etc/accel-ppp.conf` i arrenquem el servei:
guide inspired by [Compilando Accel-PPP - Debian 9 Stretch]( Did not follow the cmake arguments in 18:05, and got a compilation error because it was missing `libssl1.0-dev` (so not `libssl-dev` as stated in youtube video guide) [source of solution](
everything did as root account in its ~
apt-get install build-essential cmake git make libpcre3-dev liblua5.1-dev libsnmp-dev linux-headers-amd64 libssl1.0-dev
clone repo. note:
cd /usr/local/src
git clone accel-ppp
cd accel-ppp
#git checkout 1.11.1
# we got segmentation faults! so we are at the moment in master 938bad2 (2018-08-24)
git checkout 1.11.1
steps from `README` in git repo
mkdir build
cd build
# changes from cmake in official README file:
# enabled SNMP (we currently use/need it)
# disable radius to use chapsecrets ->
# -DKDIR is to specify linux source to compilation of pptp (at the moment we don't want this, just simple: l2tp)
# -DCPACK_TYPE=Debian8 to specify a debian system / where is DCMAKE (linux headers) ->
# extra: build options explained ->
# after commit f745befbea4d09fb47d5172d58f5b4a162d18977 you can use -DCPACK_TYPE=Debian9
# DCPACK_TYPE is not working, so let's do a more manual install
make install
# debian magic does not work, that's why we did make install
# # # build deb package (because contains systemd service) -> as suggested by
# # cpack -G DEB
# # apt install ./accel-ppp-1.11.0-Linux.deb # or dpkg -i ./accel-ppp-1.11.0-Linux.deb
# # copy init.d script
cp ../contrib/debian/accel-ppp-init /etc/init.d/accel-ppp
cp ../contrib/debian/accel-ppp.service /etc/systemd/system/
systemctl enable accel-ppp
after compilation/installation accel-ppp official README suggests to:
man accel-ppp.conf
a sample config file is in /etc/accel-ppp.conf.dist
but this config file looks very fine
copy configsoho config file, that way you can start accel-ppp service
service accel-ppp start
ipv6 pool
service accel-ppp start
~~apply logrototate suggested by [FAQ](root@bng:/var/log/accel-ppp# cat /etc/logrotate.d/accel-ppp )~~ I don't like its suggestion, got inspiration [here](
Podem opcionalment configurar ls rotació dels arxius de log a `/etc/logrotate.d/accel-ppp`:
/var/log/accel-ppp/*.log {
......@@ -126,12 +76,10 @@ ipv6 pool
# Verificació
# usage
La comanda bàsica per veure dades detalladades de les connexion és `accel-cmd`:
show subscribers
accel-cmd show sessions "ifname,sid,username,calling-sid,ip,ip6,ip6-dp,type,state,uptime"
# accel-cmd show sessions "ifname,sid,username,calling-sid,ip,ip6,ip6-dp,type,uptime"
\ No newline at end of file
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