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update l2tp things

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- [accel-ppp]()
- [l2tpns]()
# accel-ppp
## installation
# installation
guide inspired by [Compilando Accel-PPP - Debian 9 Stretch]( Did not follow the cmake arguments in 18:05, and got a compilation error because it was missing `libssl1.0-dev` (so not `libssl-dev` as stated in youtube video guide) [source of solution](
......@@ -74,3 +72,11 @@ ipv6 pool
# usage
show subscribers
accel-cmd show sessions "ifname,sid,username,calling-sid,ip,ip6,ip6-dp,type,state,uptime"
l2tpns a complete L2TP implementation. It supports the LAC, LNS, PPPOE and DHCPv6 server.
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