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rt: enable reset password method

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......@@ -21,12 +21,16 @@ The steps described [here](
apt-get install request-tracker4 rt4-db-mysql rt4-apache2
Install the extension to allow commands by email
Install extension to allow commands by email (reference
cpan YAML
cpan install
cpan RT::Extension::CommandByMail
Install extension to allow reset password method (reference:
cpan RT::Extension::ResetPassword
# Configure
Put the rt config to apache
......@@ -64,12 +68,14 @@ and update aliases appropiately:
newaliases && service postfix reload
To configure the extension that allows commands by email (change queue, set status, etc.) you have to include the next three lines in `/etc/request-tracker4/`:
To configure and enable the extensions that allow commands by email (change queue, set status, etc.) plus the extension for password reset you have to include the next three lines in `/etc/request-tracker4/`:
Set(@MailPlugins, qw(Auth::MailFrom Action::CommandByMail));
Set($CommandByMailHeader, "X-RT-Command");
Apply all configurations
service apache2 reload
......@@ -79,6 +85,33 @@ Configure RT-Shredder (ready to delete things) after that you can access it thro
mkdir -p /var/lib/request-tracker4/data/RT-Shredder
chown www-data -R /var/lib/request-tracker4/data/RT-Shredder
## Problems and details about ResetPassword
I reached this error
> request tracker Couldn't load template 'PasswordReset' (/usr/local/share/request-tracker4/plugins/RT-Extension-ResetPassword/html/NoAuth/ResetPassword/Request.html:90)
if we inspect Templates in the web interface (, it is not there the *PasswordReset: Send user an password reset token*. It could probably work just adding it, but I tried to do it in another way, using the `make initdb` (that it is just a command that looks like just adds the template). To do that I hit an error that assumed that the database admin was postgres in a mysql database (?)
Override that variable to root (in case you are using mysql/mariadb as database) `/etc/request-tracker4/`:
Set($DatabaseAdmin, 'root');
restart service
service apache2 restart
run `make initdb`:
cd /root/.cpan/build/RT-Extension-ResetPassword-1.04-hspHo_
make initdb
in default's mariadb database for debian just press enter in password prompt
remember that if you want to introduce a user, you have to setup a random password so it can get one. If you try an autogenerated user to reset password it will say:
> You can't reset your password as you don't already have one.
- Rt can also handle [service level agreements](; but this part is not included in the guide (yet).
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