Labels can be applied to issues and merge requests. Group labels are available for any project within the group.


  • Blocked
    If the issue/Epic is currently blocked. Specify what issue is blocking
  • Blocking
    If the current issue is blocking another issue. Specify which one
  • Epic::Current
    Epics we are already working on the current milesone
  • Epic::Next
    Epics suggested to work on the following milestone
  • Feedback welcomed
    This issue is actively being discussed
  • Forgotten
    This issue seems forgotten. It will be deleted if after 1 week of putting the forgotten label is not updated
  • GoodFirstIssue
    Easy task than a beginner can easily take to start
  • Missing info
    Issue does not have enough information (description, labels, milestones, assignee)... Comment what's missing. Delete it otheriwse
  • Priority::Critical
    Takes priority over anything else. To be done now
  • Priority::High
    To be done in the current milestone
  • Priority::Low
    Not a priority
  • Priority::Medium
    To be done in the next milestone
  • Progress::Doing
    Working on it right now
  • Progress::Done
    The described issue is done and it is waiting to be merged and/or closed.
  • Progress::QA
    Quality Assurance
  • Progress::Todo
    Planning to be done within the next 2 days. This is for others to know what you have in mind to work on.
  • Type::Bug 🐞
    Something not functioning as expected. Set the Priority label as well
  • Type::Document
    To share, thoughts/post/ideas but without expecting to be part of the development workflow
  • Type::Epic
    Used to differentiate issues that will become Epics. Also for Epics themselves
  • Type::Frozen ❄️
    Something to consider but unable to articulate yet. Only the Product Owner should set this label. If you think an issue should be Frozen, add the label Type::ToConsider and comment it