Labels can be applied to issues and merge requests. Group labels are available for any project within the group.
  • awaiting feedback
    Issue or merge request is waiting feedback from the original author
  • bug
    Potential bug, reported but not yet confirmed
  • can't reproduce
    We were not able to reproduce the reported behavior
  • confirmed
    Confirmed bug, which means we were able to reproduce the bug reported
  • critical
    Showstopper or critical issue, use this label wisely
  • documentation
    Correction, suggestion or request for documentation
  • feature
    Feature request. Try to be as clear and thorough as possible.
  • suggestion
    Low priority or ill-defined requests
  • support
    For those having trouble using a feature or not sure if something is working as expected or not
  • won't fix
    Issue rarely happens and/or has trivial workaround, or cannot be directly fixed and will be addressed some other way