Labels can be applied to issues and merge requests. Group labels are available for any project within the group.


  • component: addons
  • component: backend
    PrograMaker's backend is involved in this issue.
  • component: bridge-builder
  • component: scratch
  • reported
    Issue reported by an user.
  • stage::Depriorized
    While valid, the issue or feature request does won't be worked on in the short term. If you are interested on pushing it forward please contact the team to coordinate. This might be, for example, because it requires some extra design and the benefits it will provide are not enough to allocate time to it.
  • stage::Doing
    Someone is working on a solution for the issue.
  • stage::MonitoringStability
    A solution for the issue is implemented, and deployed, still an eye is kept on it for stability issues.
  • stage::Queued
    Issues or functionality queued for development.
  • type: concepts
    This will require to think about what really means to do a specific thing or theorizing, for example. Code is not expected on response, but thoughts about what and how to improve.
  • type: dev-ex
    Related to the Developer's Experience. Think utils scripts, faster testing or refactoring.
  • type: devops
    This issue deals with the infrastructure or the development process.
  • type: documentation
    Create or improve documentation for the project.
  • type: quality
    This issue deals with the Quality Assurance of the proyect.
  • type: ux
    Improve the User's experience. This can mean clearer and fancier UI, or rethinking how things should be presented to the user.
  • type:discard
    Discardment of a feature from Preview.
  • type:improvement
    The issue or MR proposes an incremental improvement over an existing base.
  • type:minor-bug
  • type:new-functionality
    This issue requires the implementation of new functionality.