Labels can be applied to issues and merge requests. Group labels are available for any project within the group.
  • Cannot Reproduce
    This issue is unable to be reproduced.
  • Confirmed
    This is confirmed by a developer or reporter to be an issue.
  • Enhancement
    This issue is a request for a new feature, or change to make something better.
  • External Issue
    This issue is not on our end.
  • Forge Related
    This issue has to do with Forge. Either we need to find a workaround, or wait for them to fix it.
  • Help Wanted
    Assistance from a third party is requested to assist in fixing this issue.
  • Invalid Issue
    This issue is invalid, be it because it was filled out wrong, or it is not actually an issue.
  • Mac/Linux Specific
    This issue is specific to the Mac or Linux operating systems.
  • Mod Support
    This issue has to do with adding compatibility with another mod, or this is a conflict with another mod.
  • More Info Needed
    The issue is incomplete, or more info is needed.
  • Needs Backport
    This issue was fixed on a more recent version, and is in the supported version range.
  • Needs Further Testing
    The cause of this issue is unknown, and needs more testing.
  • Old Mod Version
    This issue was created on an outdated version of the mod.
  • On Hold
    Fixation of this issue is on hold.
  • Outdated Version
    This is on an outdated version of the game, and will not be fixed. Please update your game.
  • Support
    This is a question, support inquiry.
  • Translations
    This issue/merge request has to do with translations.
  • Vanilla Bug
    This issue is an issue with the vanilla game.
  • Won't Fix
    This issue will not be fixed.