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  • Hacktoberfest
    Submitting a Pull/Merge request related to this issue helps with your Hacktoberfest score!
  • Level Introductory
    This issue is suitable for anyone new to open source development.
  • Level Skilled
    This issue is suitable for developers who are building their open source expertise.
  • LevelAdvanced
    This issue is suitable for developers with considerable open source expertise or for those looking for a good challenge.
  • LevelBasic
    This issue is suitable for anyone who understands the basics of open source development.
  • PriorityCritical
    This should be dealt with ASAP. Not fixing this issue would be a serious error.
  • PriorityHigh
    After critical issues are fixed, these should be dealt with before any further issues.
  • PriorityLow
    This issue can wait, and can probably be picked up by anyone looking to contribute to the project.
  • PriorityMedium
    This issue is useful, and needs some attention.
  • Stage Active
    This issue is part of an active sprint.
  • Stage Completed
    The team successfully completed this issue’s tasks.
  • Stage Inspection
    This issue was created by an external contributor and requires a team member to review it before it goes into the planning stage.
  • Stage Planning
    This issue is not a part of an active sprint and requires the team to analyze its details and complexity to prioritize it effectively.
  • Stage Ready
    This issue has passed the planning stage, and is ready to be scheduled for a sprint.
  • Status Awaiting update
    This issue requires another issue to be resolved first, or for someone to give a progress update.
  • Status In progress
    This issue is actively being worked on by an assigned member.
  • Status In review
    This issue or merge request is being reviewed.
  • Status Revisit
    This issue will be revisited in the future!
  • TypeBug
    When our software produces an incorrect or unexpected result, or behaves in unintended ways.
  • TypeEnhancement
    Something that adds an improvement to the existing content.