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GNUKhata is a free and open source accounting/ book keeping softwaer. The software has a distributed architecture with the core logic provided as an xmlrpc service. The user interface for the user interface is intuative

  • gkwebapp

    The light weight Web application front-end, this works inside a web browser and makes calls to the main logic

  • gkcore

    REST API based core_engine for GNUKhata.

  • deskapp

    Deskapp is the desktop based frontend which users can use to do their book keeping and also see all the reports. It is keyboard and mouse driven with menu and toolbar facility

  • updated
  • webapp

    The web based front end for GNUKhata, a free and open source accounting software

  • core_engine

    This is the core_engine for GNUKhata, the xmlrpc based core logic is in this package

  • deskapp_docker

    Docker files for java based frontend.

  • core_engine_docker

    Docker files for GNUKhata core-engine.