Labels can be applied to issues and merge requests. Group labels are available for any project within the group.
  • antifeatures
    Anything to do with implementing and maintaining Anti-Features
  • apksig
    Related to handling APK Signatures
  • bazaar
    a work priority for the Bazaar funding
  • buildserver
  • bus-factor
    issues related to reducing the "bus factor" of F-Droid by sharing the work, responsibility, and access for running all the services
  • ci
    related to Continuous Integration (CI) builds and tests
  • description
    Handling app/package descriptions across the whole project, including formatting, shuffling data, etc.
  • donation-links
    This affects the link for donating money to a project. These should be double-checked so people don't steal.
  • first-timer
    Issues that do not require lots of familiarity with this code base, good for new contributors!
  • help-wanted
    We are looking for contributions or help of any kind in making this happen!
  • linguine
    priorities from the "Linguine" grants for improving localization
  • localization
    issues related to handling Unicode and display of info in formats specific to language/country(aka l18n)
  • mirroring
    anything to do with setting up, running, and using repo mirrors
  • non-free
    when something is not 100% free software
  • reproducible-builds
  • requires-admin-work
    Requires work be done that can only be done by an admin, e.g. server setup, gitlab user permissions, new git repos, etc.
  • requires-client-changes
    Requires changes to the fdroidclient app in order to be work.
  • requires-server-changes
    Requires changes to fdroidserver in order to function.
  • requires-website-changes
    Requires changes to the website in order to be complete.
  • search
    Anything to do with search and filter implementations for fdroidclient, fdroid-website, etc.