Labels can be applied to issues and merge requests. Group labels are available for any project within the group.
  • C: Appropriate
    Criteria: Relevant to the key audiences of the distribution.
  • C: Feasible
    Criteria: The tools required to implement this feature are available.
  • C: Resourced
    Criteria: There are people with the time and skills available to implement the feature.
  • C: Wishlist
    Criteria: An idea that has yet to pass the Resourced, Feasible, Relevant criteria.
  • M: Accessibility
    Misc: Issues relevant to making Drutopia sites accessible to people with low vision or blindness, preference for using the keyboard, deafness, or any disabilities affecting browsing and web site use.
  • M: Contrib dependency
    Misc: Requires a fix to a contributed dependency such as Drupal core, or should be built with a dependency on a new Drupal module or theme that Drutopia contributes.
  • M: Feature
    Misc: A specific feature for Drutopia which likely is, or will be, split out into a feature module.
  • M: Help Wanted
    Misc: The next step can be worked on by any willing volunteer, without need for prior coordination.
  • M: Member request
    Misc: A request originating from a member or a member's site
  • M: Scour the web
    Misc: It would be useful to look in other places for suitable solutions.
  • M: Security
    Misc: Has security implications.
  • O: Coop
    Organizational: Tasks related to coop development.
  • O: Outreach
    Organizational: Issues relevant to the Outreach Working Group.
  • O: Policy
    Organizational: Issues that should or are likely to result in a policy decision for the Drutopia project.
  • O: Research
    Organizational: Understanding potential Drutopia users through customer development research and demographic analyses.
  • S: Abandoned
    Status: A decision was made not to proceed
  • S: Accepted
    Status: Work that has been reviewed and is ready to be committed to the Drutopia project.
  • S: Discussion
    Status: The issue is being discussed and cannot be implemented yet.
  • S: Doing
    Status: Is being actively worked on.
  • S: In Review
    Status: An issue that has been completed and is ready for review by a technical lead.