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My hometown is Yokohama, but my soul comes from Zürich, |
and my heart is in somewhere in Switzerland ;)
%h3 Favorite
%h3 Favorites
%h4 Hacking
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Planck Keyboard
Happy Hacking Keyboard
%h4 Food
%h4 Foods
%li Salad, Banana, Yoghurt, Cheese, Coffee, Chocolate
%h4 Hobby
%h4 Hobbies
%li Piano, Violin
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But... working mostly at own firm,
%a(href="https://lupine-software.com/") Lupine Software LLC
%h3 Certification
%h3 Certifications
%li Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist 10.4
%li Ruby Association Certified Ruby Programmer Silver
%li Bachelor's degree in German literature
%li Master's degree of Technology in Information Systems
%h3 Language
%h3 Languages
%p 日本語, Deutsch, English, Schwiizerdüütsch
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