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    • Zafar, Adnan F's avatar
      Several usability improvements for dotty: · 7fee4459
      Zafar, Adnan F authored
      1) Center the node's bounding box on the nodes position (in the global coordinate system) based on it's size while being moved. This solves the issue of being unable to click-and-drag a node after it was initially dragged, since the bounding box erroneously remained at the initial position.
      2) Keep the relative position offset between the center of the node and the position of the cursor when clicking-and-dragging. This avoid snapping the center of the node to the current cursor position, but rather allows it to move with the cursor.
      3) Redraw the graph on 'leftup' to correct nodes that may have become visually corrupted by edges obscuring their outlines.
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    • Stephen C. North's avatar
      Copy patches to migrate gvedit to QT5, from gitlab graphviz · dd4ca75c
      Stephen C. North authored
      44d64ada7fcee208004ea0df2a822299d424b143  except I left out -fPIC
      from cmd/gvedit/Makefile.am because I can hardly comprehend why
      this has to be hardwired.  This also adds QT5 checks in the top
      configure.ac (abandoning QT3 and QT4) and changes
      AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([no-define subdir-objects]) to
      AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([no-define]) which I don't pretend to understand.
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    • Kevin Funk's avatar
      CMake: tred: Make compile · 8f1d3016
      Kevin Funk authored
      FAILED: cmd/tools/tred
      : && cc  -fPIC -g cmd/tools/CMakeFiles/tred.dir/tred.c.o  -o cmd/tools/tred
      -rdynamic lib/cgraph/libcgraph.so.6.0.0 lib/ingraphs/libingraphs.a
      lib/cdt/libcdt.so.5.0.0 && :
      /home/kfunk/devel/src/graphviz/cmd/tools/tred.c:284: error: undefined
      reference to 'start_timer'
      /home/kfunk/devel/src/graphviz/cmd/tools/tred.c:287: error: undefined
      reference to 'elapsed_sec'
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  21. 24 May, 2017 1 commit
    • Erwin Janssen's avatar
      Update Cairo and Pango dependencies for Windows · d654a92e
      Erwin Janssen authored
      Update the libraries and dependencies for Cairo, Pango and Pangocairo to
      the latest version available, both for x86 and x64. This also eliminates
      the need for the pangomodules.exe to be called.
  22. 14 May, 2017 4 commits
    • Erwin Janssen's avatar
      Convert current Visual Studio build from MT to MD · cfb56b36
      Erwin Janssen authored
      The CMake build generates MD code (which required a vcredist to be bundled
      with the binaries). The current Visual Studio build generated MT code
      (which doesn't require a vcredist). Both types require different 3rd party
      libraries, so for consistancy reasons, the current Visual Studio build is
      converted to MD.
    • Erwin Janssen's avatar
      Add 64bit dependencies for lib/gvc · 978ae764
      Erwin Janssen authored
      These dependencies had the following changes:
      - rxspencer became a lib-only library
      - libexpat became expat
      - The 64bit version of ltdl required cygwin1.dll
    • Erwin Janssen's avatar
      Use static zlib on Windows build · b1a5af2d
      Erwin Janssen authored
      The windows dependencies submodule now includes the static version of
      zlib when building Graphviz. Some third party DLLs might still require a
      zlib.dll however, but this will be added when required.
    • Erwin Janssen's avatar
      Move Windows dependencies to x86 directory · d4eb54e2
      Erwin Janssen authored
      The current Windows dependencies are all 32bit. To compile a 64bit
      Graphviz, 64bit dependencies are required. In order to have both the
      32bit and 64bit libraries, we store the 32bit libraries in the x86
  23. 06 Apr, 2017 2 commits
    • Erwin Janssen's avatar
      Add tools from cmd/tools to CMake build · 7d45c924
      Erwin Janssen authored
      The directory cmd/tools contains multiple command line tools, these are
      added to the CMake build. Because most tools shared some or most of their
      settings, a CMake function could be used to set most of these settings.
    • Erwin Janssen's avatar
      Add the `dot` executable to the CMake build · 15bc2714
      Erwin Janssen authored
      The CMake build now builds `dot` and allows graphs to be rendered. Only
      the `core` outputs and `dot_layout` are included for now.
  24. 05 Apr, 2017 1 commit
    • Erwin Janssen's avatar
      gmlparse.y: Each identifier in dedicated statement · 265797ce
      Erwin Janssen authored
      It is good practice to define each identifier in a dedicated statement,
      various standard and style guides recommend this. Because where multiple
      declarators appear in the same declaration, the type of an identifier
      may not meet a developer's expectations.
  25. 04 Apr, 2017 1 commit
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  28. 17 Jan, 2017 4 commits
    • Erwin Janssen's avatar
      Merge Windows dependencies into one submodule · a9d2e2fb
      Erwin Janssen authored
      Instead of using a submodule for every Windows dependency with a lot of
      extra files, we now use a single submodule that only contains those files
      that are required. This means fewer submodules and shorter download time
      (because of the reduction in size and number of files).
      Also removed some unused links in Smyrna.
    • Erwin Janssen's avatar
      Replace checks for `WIN32` with `_WIN32` · 0bf08962
      Erwin Janssen authored
      The preprocesser macro `WIN32` is defined by the user, while `_WIN32` is
      defined by the compiler. To improve consistantcy, and prevent errors
      caused by forgetting to define `WIN32` somewhere, it is better to use
      `_WIN32` to check for Windows.
    • Erwin Janssen's avatar
      Fixed use of unitialized variable in lefty · 1ef7b1f7
      Erwin Janssen authored
      In the file cmd/lefty/ws/x11/gquery.c, function Gqwpopaction:
      THe char c is declared without initializer, giving it a unpredictable
      value. If the next if statement takes the false branch, the function where
      c is set is not executed. The next if statement then checks `c != 13`, but
      because C could have any value, the behavior is unpredictable.
      Initializing c with a known value, such as 0, fixes the problem.
    • Erwin Janssen's avatar
      Replace Windows' pragma linking with VS linking · 2d95aab6
      Erwin Janssen authored
      In various places, mostly the projects in `cmd` and `plugin`, had a
      `#pragma comment( lib, "libname.lib" )` in the source code for linking
      under Windows. Were possible, these have been removed and replaced link
      specifications in the Visual Studio project files.
      This seperates the linking from the source code and makes transitioning to
      other build systems easier.
  29. 04 Jan, 2017 1 commit
    • Erwin Janssen's avatar
      Remove checks for 'libgen', library not used · cf92e8c0
      Erwin Janssen authored
      configure.ac contains checks for the `libgen` library and header, but the
      header is never included, which means the library is never used. Checking
      and linking is therefore not needed.