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    • Jaak Ristioja's avatar
      agraph, agstrdup(_html)?: Fixed potential null pointer dereferences. · a0c0d580
      Jaak Ristioja authored
      The case where malloc() returns NULL was not checked, leading to the return
      value always being dereferenced.
      In libraries, such allocation functions usually just return NULL on failure and
      the caller is expected to check the return value before proceeding. This does
      not appear to be the case for the graphviz library, which just calls exit(1),
      e.g. in agallocu(). While such behavior can unexpectedly exit(1) any program
      using this library, I still opted to use exit(1) instead of returning NULL for
      consistency, and because some callers in graphviz always expect these functions
      to succeed (not checking the return value). It is better to exit with exit(1)
      than with a null pointer dereference error, because at least the atexit() and
      similar handlers will be run.
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    • Zafar, Adnan F's avatar
      Several usability improvements for dotty: · 7fee4459
      Zafar, Adnan F authored
      1) Center the node's bounding box on the nodes position (in the global coordinate system) based on it's size while being moved. This solves the issue of being unable to click-and-drag a node after it was initially dragged, since the bounding box erroneously remained at the initial position.
      2) Keep the relative position offset between the center of the node and the position of the cursor when clicking-and-dragging. This avoid snapping the center of the node to the current cursor position, but rather allows it to move with the cursor.
      3) Redraw the graph on 'leftup' to correct nodes that may have become visually corrupted by edges obscuring their outlines.
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