Commit dbe54f9f authored by Stephen C. North's avatar Stephen C. North 🙀

I think this fixed something wrong with scale.

parent dd8fd558
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......@@ -253,9 +253,9 @@ static void svg_begin_page(GVJ_t * job)
* and it is the entire graph if we're not currently paging */
svg_print_id_class(job, obj->id, NULL, "graph", obj->u.g);
gvputs(job, " transform=\"scale(");
gvprintdouble(job, job->scale.x);
gvprintdouble(job, 1.0/job->scale.x);
gvputs(job, " ");
gvprintdouble(job, job->scale.y);
gvprintdouble(job, 1.0/job->scale.y);
gvprintf(job, ") rotate(%d) translate(", -job->rotation);
gvprintdouble(job, job->translation.x);
gvputs(job, " ");
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