Commit 89099895 authored by Emden R. Gansner's avatar Emden R. Gansner

Fix bug 2305.

parent cf256b11
......@@ -115,6 +115,9 @@ call. The default file name is
.B -V
Prints the version.
.B -?
Prints the usage and exits.
.I lefty
user guide.
......@@ -393,6 +393,25 @@ static int processinput (int waitflag) {
return rtn;
static char* usestr =
" -x - exit after processing the input file.\n\
-e E - parse and execute expression E.\n\
-el N - set error reporting level. (0)\n\
-sd N - how much of the stack to show if error is printed. (2)\n\
-sb N - how much of each function in the stack show if error is printed. (2)\n\
-df S - set default font.\n\
-ps F - specify a default file name for postscript files.\n\
- - read input from stdin.\n\
-? - show help.\n\
-V - print version.\n";
static void usage(int eval)
fprintf (stderr, "Usage: lefty [options] [file]\n");
fputs (usestr, stderr);
exit (eval);
static void processstr (char *buf) {
char *words[100];
char *s, *s1;
......@@ -441,11 +460,18 @@ static void processargs (int argc, char *argv[]) {
fprintf (stderr, "lefty version %s\n", LEFTYVERSION);
fprintf (stderr, "graphviz version %s (%s)\n", VERSION, BUILDDATE);
else if (strcmp (argv[0], "-?") == 0)
else if (strcmp (argv[0], "-") == 0)
fp = stdin;
else if (argv[0][0] == '-') {
fprintf (stderr, "option %s unrecognized - ignored\n", argv[0]);
else {
if ((fp = fopen (argv[0], "r")) == NULL)
panic1 (POS, "main", "cannot open input file: %s", argv[0]);
if ((fp = fopen (argv[0], "r")) == NULL) {
fprintf (stderr, "cannot open input file: %s\n", argv[0]);
argv++, argc--;
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