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    Remove HAVE_CONFIG_H check · ffb894f2
    Erwin Janssen authored
    config.h should always be included, a build without it never happens.
    The checks on Linux always succeed, because autotools automatically
    defines HAVE_CONFIG_H on all the Makefiles. On Windows this is not the
    case. Removing all the checks revealed that multiple projects did not
    include config.h because HAVE_CONFIG_H wasn't defined. This was the case
    for at least the following projects:
    - acyclic
    - bcomps
    - ccomps
    - dijkstra
    - ingraphs
    - gc
    - gml2gv
    - graphml2gv
    - gv2gml
    - gvcolor
    - gvgen
    - mm2gv
    - nop
    - pathplan
    - rbtree
    - sccmap
    - topfish
    - tred
    Added `windows\include` to the additional include directories and adding
    some library paths solves some, but not all problems that emerged when the
    check was removed and some code actually got compiled that wasn't compiled
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