1. 26 Jun, 2022 1 commit
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      Merge branch 'smattr/gitlab-1285' into 'main' · e0ae6f42
      Matthew Fernandez authored
      fix: use '-module -avoid-version' when compiling TCL packages
      Closes #1285
      See merge request !2718
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      fix: use '-module -avoid-version' when compiling TCL packages · aecbd46a
      Matthew Fernandez authored
      Quoting from #1285:
        They are runtime loadable (dlopen, or equivalent, from tcl program, via
        'load') rather than shared libraries for dynamic linking by others. On OS X,
        these two concepts have different extensions (.so vs .dylib). It's confusing
        when a runtime-loadable module has a dynamic-linker extension. In commit
        40123aed, the -module flag was added to
        LDFLAGS in tclpkg/gv/Makefile.am, which fixes libgv_tcl.
        Could the same change be applied to the other tclpkg/*/Makefile.am LDFLAGS?
      Gitlab: fixes #1285
      Suggested-by: Daniel Macks