Commit 3c7575b2 authored by erg's avatar erg

Update old makefiles for new plugin directory

parent 4b82350f
......@@ -12,7 +12,8 @@ for i in `find . -name Makefile.old`; do cp $i ${i%%.old}; done
# do the same for config.h plus insert VERSION and BUILDDATE
V=$(grep 'AC_INIT(graphviz' | m4 '-DAC_INIT=$2')
./iffe - set cc cc : run config.iffe | sed "s/VVVV/$V/" | sed "s/DDDD/$D/" > config.h
./iffe - set cc cc : run config.iffe | sed "s/VVVV/$V/" > config.h
echo "#define BUILDDATE \"$D\"" > builddate.h
# Append VERSION to
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