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......@@ -87,46 +87,24 @@ Big tests
The directory in :git:`gpaw/test/big/` contains a set of longer and more
realistic tests that we run every weekend. These are submitted to a
queueing system of a large computer. Here is an example for Niflheim:
queueing system of a large computer.
Adding new tests
To add a new test, create a script somewhere in the file hierarchy ending with
.agts.py (e.g. ``submit.agts.py``). ``AGTS`` is short for Advanced GPAW Test
``agts.py`` (e.g. ``submit.agts.py``). ``AGTS`` is short for Advanced GPAW Test
System (or Another Great Time Sink). This script defines how a number of
scripts should be submitted to niflheim and how they depend on each other.
Consider an example where one script, calculate.py, calculates something and
saves a .gpw file and another script, analyse.py, analyses this output. Then
the submit script should look something like::
def agts(queue):
calc = queue.add('calculate.py',
def workflow():
from myqueue.job import Job
return [Job('calculate.py', cores=8, tmax='25m'),
Job('analyse.py', cores=1, tmax='5m', deps=['calculate.py'])
As shown, this script has to contain the definition of the function
``agts()`` which should take exactly one argument, ``queue``. Then
each script is added to a queue object, along with some data which
defines how and when to run the job. Note how ``queue.add()`` returns
a job object which can be used to specify dependencies.
Possible keys are:
============= ======== ============= ===================================
Name Type Default value Description
============= ======== ============= ===================================
``ncpus`` ``int`` ``1`` Number of cpus
``walltime`` ``int`` ``15`` Requested walltime in minutes
``deps`` ``list`` ``[]`` List of jobs this job depends on
``creates`` ``list`` ``[]`` List of files this job creates
(figures and other stuff for the
============= ======== ============= ===================================
``workflow()``. See https://gitlab.com/jensj/myqueue for more details.
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