Testing is now done with 'gpaw test', not gpaw-test

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......@@ -11,34 +11,49 @@ small and quick tests and by a weekly set of larger test.
Quick test suite
Use the :program:`gpaw-test` command to run the tests::
Use the :program:`gpaw` command to run the tests::
$ gpaw-test --help
Usage: gpaw-test [options] [tests]
--version show program's version number and exit
$ gpaw test --help
usage: gpaw test [-h] [-x test1.py,test2.py,...] [-f] [--from TESTFILE]
[--after TESTFILE] [--range test_i.py,test_j.py] [-j JOBS]
[--reverse] [-k] [-d DIRECTORY] [-s] [--list]
[tests [tests ...]]
Run the GPAW test suite. The test suite can be run in parallel with MPI
through gpaw-python. The test suite supports 1, 2, 4 or 8 CPUs although some
tests are skipped for some parallelizations. If no TESTs are given, run all
tests supporting the parallelization.
positional arguments:
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-x test1.py,test2.py,..., --exclude=test1.py,test2.py,...
-x test1.py,test2.py,..., --exclude test1.py,test2.py,...
Exclude tests (comma separated list of tests).
-f, --run-failed-tests-only
Run failed tests only.
--from=TESTFILE Run remaining tests, starting from TESTFILE
--after=TESTFILE Run remaining tests, starting after TESTFILE
--from TESTFILE Run remaining tests, starting from TESTFILE
--after TESTFILE Run remaining tests, starting after TESTFILE
--range test_i.py,test_j.py
Run tests in range test_i.py to test_j.py (inclusive)
-j JOBS, --jobs=JOBS Run JOBS threads.
-j JOBS, --jobs JOBS Run JOBS threads. Each test will be executed in serial
by one thread. This option cannot be used for
parallelization together with MPI.
--reverse Run tests in reverse order (less overhead with
multiple jobs)
-k, --keep-temp-dir Do not delete temporary files.
Run test in this directory
-s, --show-output Show standard output from tests.
--list list the full list of tests, then exit
A temporary directory will be made and the tests will run in that
directory. If all tests pass, the directory is removed.
The test suite consists of a large number of small and quick tests
found in the :git:`gpaw/test/` directory. The tests run nightly in serial
and in parallel. Here are the results from `BuildBot
and in parallel.
......@@ -66,7 +81,7 @@ Use this function to check results:
.. _big-test:
.. _agts:
Big tests
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