Commit 26a4aeb5 authored by Thorbjørn Skovhus's avatar Thorbjørn Skovhus

send an empty array, if rank has no frequencies

parent 827ec776
......@@ -350,16 +350,20 @@ class FourComponentSusceptibilityTensor:
def gather(self, A_wGG, wd):
"""Gather a full susceptibility array to root."""
# Allocate arrays
# Allocate arrays to gather (all need to be the same shape)
shape = (self.mynw,) + A_wGG.shape[1:]
tmp_wGG = np.empty(shape, dtype=A_wGG.dtype)
tmp_wGG[:self.w2 - self.w1] = A_wGG
# Allocate array for the gathered data
if == 0:
shape = A_wGG.shape
# Make room for all frequencies
shape = (self.mynw *,) + shape[1:]
shape = (self.mynw *,) + A_wGG.shape[1:]
allA_wGG = np.empty(shape, dtype=A_wGG.dtype)
allA_wGG = None, 0, allA_wGG), 0, allA_wGG)
# Return array for w indeces on frequency grid
if allA_wGG is not None:
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