Commit 043bc0eb authored by Ask Hjorth Larsen's avatar Ask Hjorth Larsen

py3 fix: non-strictly decode bytes from url as ascii in install_data. Closes: #130

parent 6d131bc5
Pipeline #17206105 passed with stage
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......@@ -244,12 +244,14 @@ def get_urls(source):
files = re.compile(pattern).findall(
txt ='ascii', errors='replace')
files = re.compile(pattern).findall(txt)
urls = [page + fname for fname in files]
elif source == 'basis':
pattern = re.compile('>(gpaw-basis-.+?.tar.gz)</a>')
files = sorted(pattern.findall(, reverse=True)
txt ='ascii', errors='replace')
files = sorted(pattern.findall(txt), reverse=True)
urls = [page + fname for fname in files]
elif source == 'test':
urls = ['{0}gpaw-dist-test-source.tar.gz'.format(page)]
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