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......@@ -205,7 +205,7 @@ Modular analysis tools
In :ref:`example` it was demonstrated how to calculate photoabsorption
spectrum from the time-dependent dipole moment data collected with
``DipoleMomentWriter`` observer.
However, any (also user-written) analysis tools can be embedded
However, any (also user-written) analysis tools can be attached
as a separate observers in the general time-propagation framework.
There are two ways to perform analysis:
......@@ -292,8 +292,8 @@ The ``update`` keyword in ``replay()`` has following options:
============== ===============================
Kohn--Sham decomposition of the density matrix
Kohn--Sham decomposition of density matrix
Kohn--Sham decomposition is an illustrative way of analyzing electronic
excitations in Kohn--Sham electron-hole basis.
......@@ -320,12 +320,6 @@ We generate the density matrix for the frequencies of interest:
.. literalinclude:: lcaotddft_Na8/
.. tip::
Instead of replaying the propagation, one can do the same analysis
on-the-fly by attaching the analysis tools to
the usual time-propagation calculation.
Transform the density matrix to Kohn--Sham electron-hole basis
......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ freqs = frequencies([1.12, 2.48], 'Gauss', 0.1)
fdm = FrequencyDensityMatrix(td_calc, dmat, frequencies=freqs)
# Replay the propagation
td_calc.replay(name='wfw.ulm', update='all')
td_calc.replay(name='wfw.ulm', update='none')
# Store the density matrix
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