Commit 5b035f41 authored by Rolf Würdemann's avatar Rolf Würdemann

FIX: rmmdiis -> RMM-DIIS

parent 367b2d96
......@@ -96,7 +96,7 @@ Support for IVOs in lrTDDFT is done along the work of Berman and Kaldor
If the number of bands in the calculation exceeds the number of bands delivered
by the datasets, GPAW initializes the missing bands randomly. Calculations utilizing
Hartree-Fock exchange can only use the rmmdiis eigensolver. Therefore the states
Hartree-Fock exchange can only use the RMM-DIIS eigensolver. Therefore the states
might not converge to the energetically lowest states. To circumvent this problem
on can made a calculation using a semi-local functional like PBE and uses this
wave-functions as a basis for the following calculation utilizing Hartree-Fock exchange
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