Fix exit code

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......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ master:
- su user -c 'gpaw install-data --register gpaw-datasets'
- su user -c 'gpaw -P 1 info'
- su user -c 'gpaw test --range linalg/,lcao/'
- flake8 --exclude "doc/platforms/*,gpaw/lrtddft2/*" gpaw doc > f8.out
- flake8 --exit-zero --exclude "doc/platforms/*,gpaw/lrtddft2/*" gpaw doc > f8.out
- cat f8.out | wc -l | tee nerr
- python -c "assert int(open('nerr').read()) <= 2360, 'Please run flake8 on your code'"
- python -We:invalid -m compileall -f -q gpaw/
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