gnparser v0.5.1

First public release





  • Add: fix Makefile for releases
  • Add [#28]: non-ASCII apostrophe support.
  • Add [#27]: agamosp. agamossp. agamovar. ranks.
  • Add [#25]: reorganize output to be more readable and logical.
  • Add [#24]: gRPC server for receiving name-strings and streaming back the parsed results.
  • Add [#23]: Remove multiple years. Now name can have only one year.
  • Add [#22]: Run the parser against 24 million names from global names index and fix found problems.
  • Add [#21]: Rebuilds tests into test_data_new.txt file. It is important for making global changes in tests.
  • Add [#20]: Pass all tests made for Scala gnparser. Tickets 1-19 are about approaching [#20].