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Fix #38 make docker flexible

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FROM alpine
MAINTAINER Dmitry Mozzherin
LABEL maintainer="Dmitry Mozzherin"
......@@ -8,6 +8,6 @@ WORKDIR /bin
COPY ./gnparser/gnparser /bin
CMD ["gnparser", "-g", "8778"]
ENTRYPOINT [ "gnparser" ]
CMD ["-g", "8778"]
......@@ -309,6 +309,27 @@ request.body = ['Solanum mariae Särkinen & S.Knapp',
response = http.request(request)
## Use as a Docker image
You need to have [docker runtime installed](
on your computer for these examples to work.
# run as a gRPC server on port 7777
docker run -p gnames/gognparser -g 7777
# run grpc on 'default' 8778 port
docker run -p gnames/gognparser
# to run as a daemon with 50 workers
docker run -d gnames/gognparser -g 7777 -j 50
# run as a website and a RESTful service
docker run -p gnames/gognparser -w 8080
# just parse something
docker run gnames/gognparser "Amaurorhinus bewichianus (Wollaston,1860) (s.str.)"
docker run gnames/gognparser -f simple -j 300 names.txt > parsed.txt
## Use as a library in Go
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