Commit 2a07cece authored by Dmitry Mozzherin's avatar Dmitry Mozzherin
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Fix #77 memory leak in ParseToString clib

parent a83a3a19
......@@ -31,6 +31,12 @@ func ParseToString(name *C.char, format *C.char) *C.char {
return C.CString(parsed)
// FreeMemory takes a string pointer and frees its memory.
//export FreeMemory
func FreeMemory(p *C.char) {
// ParseAryToStrings function takes an array of names, parsing format and a
// reference to an output: an empty array of strings to return the the data
// back. It populates the output array with raw strings of either JSON or
......@@ -22,8 +22,6 @@ type GNparser struct {
removeHTML bool
// nameString keeps parsed string
nameString string
// verbatim is originally entered name-string.
verbatim string
// isTest indicates that parsing is done for test purposes, so instead of
// real version of the paraser output will contain "test_version" phrase.
isTest bool
......@@ -86,7 +84,7 @@ func (gnp *GNparser) WorkersNum() int {
// Parse function parses input using GNparser's supplied options.
// The abstract syntax tree formed by the parser is stored in an
// `gnp.parser.SN` field.
func (gnp *GNparser) Parse(s string) {
func (gnp GNparser) Parse(s string) {
gnp.nameString = s
tagsOrEntities := false
if gnp.removeHTML {
......@@ -128,7 +126,7 @@ func (gnp *GNparser) Parse(s string) {
// ParseAndFormat function parses input and formats results according
// to format setting of GNparser.
func (gnp *GNparser) ParseAndFormat(s string) (string, error) {
func (gnp GNparser) ParseAndFormat(s string) (string, error) {
var err error
if gnp.Format == Debug {
bs := gnp.Debug(s)
......@@ -157,31 +155,31 @@ func (gnp *GNparser) ParseAndFormat(s string) (string, error) {
// ParseToObject function parses input and
// returns result as output.
func (gnp *GNparser) ParseToObject(s string) *pb.Parsed {
func (gnp GNparser) ParseToObject(s string) *pb.Parsed {
return pb.ToPB(output.NewOutput(gnp.parser.SN))
// ToPrettyJSON function creates pretty JSON output out of parsed results.
func (gnp *GNparser) ToPrettyJSON() ([]byte, error) {
func (gnp GNparser) ToPrettyJSON() ([]byte, error) {
o := output.NewOutput(gnp.parser.SN)
return o.ToJSON(true)
// ToJSON function creates a 'compact' output out of parsed results.
func (gnp *GNparser) ToJSON() ([]byte, error) {
func (gnp GNparser) ToJSON() ([]byte, error) {
o := output.NewOutput(gnp.parser.SN)
return o.ToJSON(false)
// ToSlice function creates a flat simplified output of parsed results.
func (gnp *GNparser) ToSlice() []string {
func (gnp GNparser) ToSlice() []string {
so := output.NewSimpleOutput(gnp.parser.SN)
return so.ToSlice()
// Debug returns byte representation of complete and 'output' syntax trees.
func (gnp *GNparser) Debug(s string) []byte {
func (gnp GNparser) Debug(s string) []byte {
ppr := preprocess.Preprocess([]byte(s))
var b bytes.Buffer
if ppr.NoParse || ppr.Virus {
......@@ -191,7 +189,7 @@ func (gnp *GNparser) Debug(s string) []byte {
gnp.parser.Buffer = string(ppr.Body)
_ = gnp.parser.Parse()
b.WriteString("\n*** Complete Syntax Tree ***\n")
gnp.parser.AST().PrettyPrint(&b, gnp.parser.Buffer)
......@@ -201,19 +199,19 @@ func (gnp *GNparser) Debug(s string) []byte {
// ParsedName returns the string of parsed result without a tail.
func (gnp *GNparser) ParsedName() string {
func (gnp GNparser) ParsedName() string {
return gnp.parser.ParsedName()
// Version function returns version number of `gnparser`.
func (gnp *GNparser) Version() string {
if gnp != nil && gnp.isTest {
func (gnp GNparser) Version() string {
if gnp.isTest {
return "test_version"
return output.Version
// Build returns date and time when gnparser was built
func (gnp *GNparser) Build() string {
func (gnp GNparser) Build() string {
return output.Build
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