1. 18 Jan, 2015 1 commit
  2. 06 Jul, 2014 2 commits
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      Possible bug with V2D; definite bug with Shumway. · 0797c6f8
      Thomas Dennis authored
      Pieces can't be clicked on in chess.swf (tested in both the official player and GNASH) but they CAN be clicked on in Shumway. This is most likely a bug with the V2D bounding-box calculation code, but it's strange that Shumway isn't affected by it... comitted in case Mozilla need it for a bug report.
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      Allow the user to define which variable controls dynamic text objects. · bfad106c
      Thomas Dennis authored
      Note that SVG files do not yet handle dynamic text, so setting the variable will not change the display at the moment. This should be simple enough to do, though: The SVG tags for text drawables could simply have their 'class' attribute set to the variable name, so calling getElementsByClassName() on the defs tag returns a list of all items to be updated when a SetVariable opcode is run.
  3. 05 Jul, 2014 1 commit
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      Implement SetProperty/GetProperty · d10c7892
      Thomas Dennis authored
      Also rename PreviousFrame >> PrevFrame, CloneSprite >> CloneGroup, RemoveSprite >> RemoveClone and change GotoFrame to pop a value off the stack rather than expecting the frame number to be provided as a parameter. Additionally, WaitForFrame has been removed (for now?).
  4. 30 Jun, 2014 1 commit
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      CloneSprite no longer requires a depth parameter. · 5f3f70d4
      Thomas Dennis authored
      Additionally, it seems that RemoveSprite WAS working... it's just that display items with a Z-index below 16384 aren't affected by it. This isn't mentioned in the official documentation, but thankfully the Gnash DOXYGEN pages link to a website providing further information about this behaviour.
  5. 29 Jun, 2014 1 commit
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      Initial Clone/RemoveSprite and Drag/Drop stuff (SWF only for now). · 7fa2bba9
      Thomas Dennis authored
      Although it's not explicitly stated in the SWF specification, only GROUPS can be cloned, not text or shapes. Also, RemoveSprite isn't having any effect in either Gnash or the official Adobe player, although it appears to be implemented correctly; further investigation is needed to figure out why.
      In other news, SWF files now use different types of PlaceObject/RemoveObject tag depending on the version specified. As a result, Lightspark will now (partially) render files exported with the AVM2 flag set.
      Additionally, the latest known SWF version has been bumped to 25.
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      Make buttons (mostly) work for SVG files. · 5e00c254
      Thomas Dennis authored
      Display items don't change appearance based on time or button state yet, and sounds are still missing. Once these are added, SVG and SWF output will be almost identical.
      GNASH BUG: The standalone player locks up if the "link button" in animated.swf is clicked on, and stays that way until the web page is closed. (SWFDEC doesn't attempt to open the web page, and the official player hasn't been checked yet.)
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      Significant re-write of the SVG export animation/scripting logic; this allows... · 7c2c7c77
      Thomas Dennis authored
      Significant re-write of the SVG export animation/scripting logic; this allows independant timelines for sub-groups and also allows display items to be created/deleted at runtime.
      Other (smaller) changes are listed below:
      * Remove v2dMatrixIsIdentity(); it was more or less pointless, and didn't always work due to the multiple ways in which zero can be represented as a floating-point value.
      * Add a v2dIsNaN() function. isnan() is not part of ISO-C90, so this stops gcc complaining.
      * Bump the highest known SWF version to 24, as per the Adobe website.
      * Replace the PUSH opcode with PUSHNUMBER and PUSHSTRING to remove ambiguities with "0" being true/false.
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