Commit 54ff3424 authored by Thomas Dennis's avatar Thomas Dennis

Added a few more kanji.

parent 4f4bba2d
......@@ -3,6 +3,9 @@
@brief A list of kanji, including on/kun readings and translations.
Note that all values (except for translations) should be specified in hiragana,
due to the way in which the answer validation code is going to be implemented.
@todo Possibly include nanori readings here too?
@todo Possibly allow translations in languages other than English?
......@@ -59,6 +62,26 @@ var KANJI_DICTIONARY = {
"kunyomi": ["", "とお"],
"translation": ["10", "ten"]
"": { // Various places suggest other readings; these are the common ones:
"onyomi": ["ひゃく"],
"kunyomi": ["もも"],
"translation": ["100", "hundred"]
"": {
"onyomi": ["せん"],
"kunyomi": [""],
"translation": ["1000", "thousand"]
"": {
"onyomi": ["まん", "ばん"],
"kunyomi": ["よろず"],
"translation": ["10000", "ten thousand"]
"": {
"onyomi": ["ちゅう"],
"kunyomi": ["なか", "うち", "あ(たる)"],
"translation": ["middle", "in"]
"": {
"onyomi": ["たい", "だい"],
"kunyomi": ["おお", "おお(きい)", "おお(いに)"],
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